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We deploy a package (size around 120MB) to various location using polling mechnism. Since our environments are dispersed around the world, package downlod speed varies accordingly. This is causing deploy in deployment. Is there any way I could speed up the package download? If not, I would like to hear workarounds that could potentially speed upmy deployment processs. Thank you.

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Hi Sujan,

Thanks for getting in touch.

A common solution to distributing packages to different geographic locations is to locate package feeds in those locations. Here is example documentation for geographic feed replication using ProGet: https://inedo.com/support/documentation/proget/advanced/feed-replication

Packages that are downloaded from the Octopus Server (rather than directly from the package feed) use delta compression to speed up the package transfer. If your package contents for each deployment are quite similar this should help a lot. https://octopus.com/docs/deployment-examples/deploying-packages/delta-compression-for-package-transfers