Sort and format lots of tentacles

We have a production environment that has around 45 servers and we’ve noticed a few visual issues when working with that many servers in Octopus 0.9.600.163.

  1. When editing a deployment step, the list of machines is not sorted alphabetically as I would expect them to be.
  2. The list of machine also wraps in such a way that a checkbox may be at the end of one line and the corresponding label is wrapped on the next line.
  3. The padding/margin between each checkbox/label pair makes it confusing as to whether the checkbox precedes the label or vice-versa.
  4. Clicking the label does not toggle the checkbox (e.g. <label for=“id_of_checkbox”>machine_name</label>)
  5. When reviewing the list of machines that a step applies to, this list is also not sorted alphabetically.

All of these combine to make it pretty painful to work with more than a handful of machines per environment.

While on the subject, being able to toggle or select multiple machines (for example, like shift-clicking in a multi-select box) would also be helpful when needing to select all or a subset of a large list of machines.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the feedback, I can see how painful the current UI would be.

Borrowing from your multi-select box idea, how do you think the following UI would work?



Looks like that dropbox link isn’t working…

On a related note, without looking at the screenshot yet, I’m curious what the plans are for the “Category” field on machine definitions. I’d prefer if we could set custom categories (ideally more than one), then specify deployment steps as e.g. Deploy MyWebSite package to all WebServer-MyWebSite servers in the Live environment rather than needing to specify servers individually.

I believe this would help minimize repetition across different projects, but only if we can specify custom categories, and in our case only if a server can be in more than one category.

Food for thought.

Hi Chris,

Does this work?


I actually had similar thoughts to you about categories - I think they’d make more sense as “tags” that can be applied to a machine and chosen in the UI. That’s quite a broad change so it will probably wait for V2, until then I’m hoping a better UI might help for v1.0


That screenshot looks good to me. That would help with sorting and formatting as well as enabling multi-select.