Some user cant login to octopus


(Rex Shi) #1

Hi there,

I wonder if anyone in here have experience with when user try login to octopus , it gets bad request - request too long
HTTP error 400. the size of the requests headers is too long.

Maybe something to do with user’s token? but this is the first time he try to login

(Shannon Lewis) #3


Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear you’re having difficulties. To help troubleshoot the issue you’re having could get some additional details?

Which authentication provider(s) are you using? E.g. Octopus username/password, Active Directory, Azure AD?

Is the error you are seeing appearing in the UI or in a log (or both)? Are you able to attach a screenshot to illustrate?


(Rex Shi) #4

Thanks for replay Shannon, this is fixed now. its a user error