Some projects can't update variables due to channels

I get this error in the chrome devtools.

  "ErrorMessage": "There was a problem with your request.",
  "Errors": [
    "A channel ID must be provided to enable automatic release creation."

I do not use Automatic Release Creation nor do I use the built in feed so the setting isn’t even visible.

I was able to work around this. I was attempting to add a LibraryVariableSet to my project so I edited the json in the database to add it.

This will still be an issue since I don’t have a default channel on the project.

Hi Dustin,
We have just hear about another user running into a simiar problem and so have created GH Issue#2128 to track the fix.
Thanks for getting in touch and we will keep you updated when the bug is fixed.


Just to ensure we fix the problem you are specifically getting, when does this error actually come up? What are the steps to reproduce this (presumably) JavaScript error?

I just tried to associate a Variable Set from the library to my project. Then tried to save my project.

I think any save to the project would cause this error.

Hi Dustin,
Thanks for the update. I will let you know once this issue is patched.


I have workaround :

  1. Try to add new channel to project ( Projects -> Your project -> Channels -> Create channel)
  2. Go to Process and in Automatic Release Creation section you can now choose channel (choose default) and click save.
  3. [optional] Move back to Channels and delete your custom created channel.

Hi Michal,
Thanks for the update. This fix should have since gone out in 3.2.2.
Please let us know if you encounter any further issues with this feature.