Some Predefined variables not defined in email step

When I try to configure an email step with this template: Octopus deployed #{OctopusProjectName} #{OctopusPackageVersion} to #{OctopusEnvironmentName}

It gives me the error:

The variable ‘__OctopusEmailSubject’ contains a reference to another variable named ‘OctopusPackageVersion’, which is not defined. Set the special variable OctopusPrintVariables to have Tentacle print the value of all variables to help diagnose this problem.

It also does this with OctopusPackageNameAndVersion.

Hi Allen,

Those variables are specific to a package step, but this is an email step so they aren’t available. I suspect you want:

Octopus deployed #{OctopusProjectName} #{OctopusReleaseNumber} to #{OctopusEnvironmentName}


Yep, that worked. Thanks!