Some menu items not visible in Portrait mode

The Library and Configuration pages have a number of sub-menu items.
On a landscape monitor with adequate width they are displayed along the left side vertically.
On a portrait monitor under a specified width they are displayed along the top horizontally.

I’ve noticed that if I navigate to one of these pages directly the menu items run off the right side of the screen and are inaccessible.

If the page was previously loaded in landscape mode (left side) and then the window is resized to a slimmer width then the menu moves to the top and a “More” button correctly appears.
However subsequent navigation fails to use this “More” menu on page load.
For example:

  1. Load the Configuration page in landscape
  2. Resize to a slimmer width that shifts the submenu to the top
  3. Note the “More” button appears.
  4. Navigate to the Library page
  5. Note the “More” button does not appear and the menu items run off the right.

This makes navigating on my portrait monitor particularly annoying at the moment.
Can this be fixed please?
Browser is latest FireFox.

Hey @ops,

Thanks for reaching out and for all of the information. I was able to reproduce the issue on latest so I’ve opened up a bug for you to subscribe to. When using the Portal in Portrait Mode(or a browser size small enough in width to make the sidebar go to the top) the more button disappears and you can't see all options when clicking to new tabs · Issue #7445 · OctopusDeploy/Issues · GitHub

Sorry about that, this definitely seems like an annoying one if you’re using a portrait monitor. Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.


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