[Solved] TFS Task CLI Offline

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We’ve just carried out a merge of some TFS servers, as a result we needed to remove our Octopus TFS Tasks (previously v2) and we are now using v3. When running a build we are now getting this error message:

2018-12-10T13:44:18.7606856Z ==============================================================================
2018-12-10T13:44:18.7607088Z Task : Create Octopus Release
2018-12-10T13:44:18.7607295Z Description : Create a Release in Octopus Deploy
2018-12-10T13:44:18.7607479Z Version : 3.0.201
2018-12-10T13:44:18.7607814Z Author : Octopus Deploy
2018-12-10T13:44:18.7608012Z Help : Version: 3.0.201. More Information
2018-12-10T13:44:18.7608244Z ==============================================================================
2018-12-10T13:44:19.5516912Z SystemVssConnection exists true
2018-12-10T13:44:19.5555096Z fb08e30a-97b7-436f-ae50-ddbdd11f4e81 exists true
2018-12-10T13:44:19.5566757Z Ignore SSL: false
2018-12-10T13:44:19.6418593Z Attempting to contact https://g.octopushq.com to find latest CLI tools
2018-12-10T13:44:19.9782049Z ##[error]Error: read ECONNRESET
2018-12-10T13:44:19.9783609Z ##[error]Failed to deploy release read ECONNRESET

Our build servers have no internet connectivity. I gather that the Task looks in a local cache before querying the internet. Can you please let me know how I can setup the local cache to get the build machine working?

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Aha! Figured it out, I can use the “Tools Installer” task to install the tooling that’s embedded in that task which works OK

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Glad you got it sorted out! I’ll close this ticket off now so our tracking system is all happy


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