Slowness after Octopus server upgrade to version 2022.2.7580

Since we did an Octopus Server Upgrade, whenever the default machine policy health check runs each day, it slows our system to a crawl and cause deployments to takes A LOT longer than usual to complete.

Did something change in the upgrade that would have caused the slowness to happen?

Previous Version: 2020.6.4722

Current Version: 2022.2.7580

Thank You,

Hi @jkaur,

Thanks for reaching out to Octopus Support, and I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing slowness after your recent upgrade.

Could you run a System Integrity Check and send us the raw task log when you get a moment? I will send you a secure upload link that you can use to send the log.

Can you see any additional resource usage on your Octopus server or the server hosting your SQL database that coincides with the performance issues you are seeing?

We did identify one issue ( in the version you are running currently that could be causing problems in your instance. Upgrading to the latest 2022.2 release would help resolve the slowness if that issue impacts you.

I look forward to hearing back, and please let me know if you have any other questions for us.


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