Slow Cheetah Support

I am using slow cheetah and wondering if there is an easy way to use this extension along with the config transforms of Octopus. I have used this extension for years to do config transforms on console apps and Windows Services. It adds regular config transforms to the app.config file similarly to the web.config transforms. The issue I have is this extension names the files app..config. Octopus is looking for ServiceName.exe..config. My main question is, is there a known way to use this addin with Octopus Deploy? It would be nice if it could first look for app..config and if it didn’t find it, look for the other naming convention.

Also, this extension is now getting support from Microsoft and will be built into VS at some point.

I have thought about putting a post build step in to rename the config files but that seems a little clunky. In my output directory, I end up with this:


Thanks for any help you can provide. If there is nothing, I will add a feature request (I think you have a place for me to enter this.)

In your Deploy Nuget Package step enable “Configuration transforms” and then in “Additional transforms” add
app.#{Octopus.Environment.Name}.config =>MyService.exe.config

This should work if your Slow Cheetah environment names matches Octopus otherwise you can do
app.Development.config =>MyService.exe.config etc…

Hi Jeff,

Exactly as Bob (high-five) said, you can use the Additional transforms feature to define your file names for these transformations and have them apply with Octopus.

Hope this helps!

Perfect. Thanks!