Skipping Unavailable or Unhealthy deployment targets not working for runbook execution

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I have a maintenance script I want to execute in a runbook. In the ‘Deployment Settings’ section of the project I’ve configured deployments to skip unavailable and unhealthy targets. When I execute the runbook, however, the job fails because Octopus tries to connect to the unavailable target.

Does the project-level ‘skip unavailable and unhealthy target’ settings apply to runbook executions as well?


Hi @snaulls,

Thank you for contacting Octopus Support.

I’d like to reproduce this in a test environment. Could you confirm what version of Octopus Server you are currently running?

Let me know at your earliest convenience.


Thanks for the quick response. We’re running 2020.1.22

Hi @snaulls,

Thank you for getting back to me.

I’ll dig in and get back to you once I’ve done a bit of testing.

I appreciate your patience while I look into this.


Hi @snaulls,

Thanks for your patience! We gave this a test, and I think I see what might be happening. The settings you configured under the Deployments > Settings tab to skip unavailable and unhealthy targets is just deployment process-specific, and isn’t project-wide so setting it here won’t impact runbooks. This setting would also need to be configured on the runbook itself, which is under its Settings tab like shown below.

I hope that helps, and please let us know how you go!

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Found it and executed a test run. Results were as expected; unhealthy servers were skipped. Thanks!

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