Skip TLS verification for Azure Service Principal

When registering an Azure Kubernetes Cluster Deployment Target using a Token for Authentication, the Kubernetes Details section provides a ‘Skip TLS verification’ checkbox.

However, we want to use an Azure Service Principal instead, but then the option to skip TLS verification is not provided, and thus receive a 503. Am I missing something or is it possible to override this when using a service principal?

Hi @nickthoresby,
I don’t think you are missing anything. This doesn’t appear to be readily possible. I’m checking with a few others to see if there is something else which can be done, and I’ll let you know!

Mark Reeder

Thanks @mark.reeder, any workarounds would be appreciated.

Hi @mark.reeder did you finding any workable alternatives after checking with others?

Hi Nick,
I apologize for my delayed response! Unfortunately, I didn’t get any good workable solution for this. I am curious though, if it’s an Azure Service Principal isn’t that encrypted with a valid TLS cert already?