Skip step in chain deployment if project does not exists for tenant

We have a chain deployment that has 9 child calls to other projects.

Some of the tenants that we use the chain deployment for do not use all 9 of the children deployment step. These tenants are not even configured with the projects they do not use. Right now when we use this chain deployment when it gets to a project that is it not configured for the deployment stops and raises an error for “No eligible tenants found for deployment of the release”. So then we provide guidance to ignore and continue on the with chain deployment.

Is there a way that the deployment can be setup to just continue past these steps?

Hi Eric,

Thanks for getting in touch with us. If I understand your issue correctly, you are making use of the Community Step template ‘Chained Deployment’ to trigger 9 other deployments from the one project.

When some tenants run, they do not need to run some of these chained deployments. When they do run, they cause errors and you have provided your team some guidance to ignore these errors and keep going.

I think you have some options here: the Chained Deployment step I have here in front of me looks like it allows you to choose which tenants the step applies to. If yours doesn’t - perhaps you don’t have an updated version of the template?

We also now have a ‘Deploy a Release’ step that achieves a similar end that has some more options. For instance it can pass variables down to child projects - which might prove useful.

If either of those options don’t suit, then you can use the ‘Excluded steps’ features of a deployment to proactively exclude certain steps from a deployment.

Hope this helps!

Kind Regards,

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