Skip packages that are already installed when depolying Azure Web App

I have used the ‘Skip packages that are already installed’ setting successfully when deploying to IIS but this doesn’t seem to work when deploying Azure Web Apps, the packages are always deployed.

I’m guessing that this is because the Tentacle is the one which can determine if the package is already deployed and since there are no Tentacles in Azure, the setting is ignored.

Is there another approach/workaround for this with Azure ?

Other than this, the deployment works great.



Thanks for reaching out.

In regular deployments (Server to Tentacle), we create a file in the Tentacle that helps determine which packages were already deployed. As you very well mentioned, this doesn’t happen in Azure deployments. In those deployments we either push the whole content of the package to azure, or we check each file to see if its in azure already, and only upload the new/changed ones. But in both cases we do attempt to deploy and I’m afraid there’s no way to avoid that for cloud deployments (at least at the moment).