Showing different nuget pkgs deployed on a tentacle - on the dashboard


As part of our deployment process, we are deploying multiple nuget packages from multiple teams. and to ensure enviroments are consistent, we would like to show different nuget package versions deployed on each tentacle. how can I do this on an existing dashboard?

If not, please recommend the APIs i can use to develop my own custom page, which is similar to current dashboard - showing deployment target, tentacle name, release version and all the nuget packages deployed.

This is very important for us and hope to get some direction


Hi Badal,

Thanks for getting in touch. The Octopus Dashboard is built to suit the most common scenarios we see from our customer base and cannot be customized. The good news is the Dashboard (actually everything) is built on top of the Octopus API.

I know some customers have built browser extensions to add extra information into the DOM of the existing Octopus Dashboard. Some very powerful extensions can be built, including a community plugin called BlueFin.

Otherwise you can leverage the Octopus API to build almost any mash-up of Octopus data. The Octopus API uses hypermedia links which makes it easy to discover the API. My favorite way to discover the API is using the browser dev tools, navigating around the Octopus portal, and watching the network requests/responses.

As far as API methods go, take a look at the following to mash up your own dashboard:

Don’t forget you can use the Octopus.Client library which makes using the API very simple.

Hope that gives you a good starting place!