Showing all projects on dashboard

At first, I created a suggestion about this (, but now it just nailed me against a wall, so I wanted to setup a discussion about it.

Since we use a server farm, our model is to take a machine out of rotation, do the deployment, check to make sure everything is happy, then put the server back into rotation and move on to the next server. If a part of the deployment fails while deploying the application and the machine is out of rotation, it stays out of rotation because it’s in a bad state and the deployment halts until someone fixes what went wrong. All this works flawlessly.

Our problem arises when an app fails and nobody fixes it (maybe it was an automatic deployment) - which ultimately blocks all the other deployments from completing/starting. Well when someone comes to me and says, hey my app won’t deploy, I used to be able look at the dashboard and immediately tell which application(s) were the culprit. Unfortunately this time, the application wasn’t one of the 50 displayed. I couldn’t tell you which one failed! I literally had to go through each one and figure out which ones were not on the list - and then check it. It was painful.

So my question is, is there a better way for me to find the one project that failed when it wasn’t in the top 50? Is there a reason why the dashboard only lists 50? I realize showing 4000 projects would be bad, but 75? even 200 wouldn’t be bad. Actually just a paged list would work. I’m struggling.

I’m just looking for a better solution… Any ideas?

Hi Michael,

Thanks for getting in touch. The number of Projects is limited for performance reasons, as some customers have large numbers of Projects.

That being said, we agree that not being able to see the Projects with failed Deployments is an issue. I have created an issue ( in our backlog and we will look to get it prioritized into an upcoming release.


Just showing failed deployments is not a sufficient remedy to the 50 project limit. The simple solution is to let us customize our visible limit in a configuration file or the UI somewhere and accept the performance hit if it is what is best for our business practices.

We have 97 projects and growing. We recently acquired 3 companies and are just starting to on-board all their deployments as well and we have one team responsible for all of them. With the issue where large groups make the horizontal scroll bar move to below the page break we have had to cut our projects into more than a dozen smaller groups so that we can see all of our environments, so the drop down UI does not sufficiently help the issue. We deploy to many groups at the same time and need to be able to view them all with a mouse scroll.

Hi Stalevich,

Thanks for your comments, we have taken this on board and are adding a feature to allow you to override the 50 project limit. We are also updating the Dashboard so that any Projects with failed Deployments will always be shown (i.e. the limit is the maximum number to display if nothing has failed, but it will extend beyond that if needed to include any failed Projects that aren’t already visible).

These features will be available in our next update. Please let us know if they cover what you need or if there is anything further we can do to improve the Dashboard.


Thank you, Shannon! That’s perfect. I appreciate the prompt response and feature update.

Scott Talevich

I agree - that will definitely work for us! Thank you!

I will add that it would be nice to filter on currently deploying projects on the dashboard too… :slight_smile:


Actually, this made it into 3.3.20, so it’s available now!

Michael, great suggestion, I’ve added another enhancement.


Might also be nice to have a toggle at the top that groups projects by status (then alpha) or by project group.


There is a User Voice idea to Add Active Deployments Dashboard, which may cover what you are looking for.

If that doesn’t cover what you are after please let us know and we can add another User Voice idea.