Setting a custom installation folder when using the TFS "Deploy Octopus Release task"

Is there a way to supply a custom installation folder when using the “Deploy Octopus Release” TFS’s task. My guess is that it might be possible via octo.exe --variable argument, but I am not sure how to pass the folder name.

Thank you in advance,


Hi Patrick,

Thanks for reaching out! The key pieces to make this work are:

  1. Create a prompt variable in your project

  2. Enable the [Customer Installation Directory] feature in your “Deploy a package” step and use the previously created variable to set the value of the “Custom installation Directory” field.

  3. Finally, from your build pass a value to that prompt variable using --variable like you mentioned.

Let me know if you need more help with this.

Best regards,

Hi Dalmiro,

Thank you for the quick answer. We are able to set the “Custom Installation Folder” within Octopus Deploy, but we are having a problem setting it using “Deploy Octopus Release” task within VSTS (Visual Studio Team Services).

We currently use VSTS for build an packaging and Octopus for continuous release creation and deployment. It would be nice to move the entire workflow to VSTS using the Octopus Tasks within VSTS.


Hi Patrick,

Once you have (1) and (2) working, for (3) all you need to do in VSTS is add the --variable=c:\mypath parameter in your “Create Release” step as shown on the attached screenshot.

If you feel like you are stuck with this, try sending me some screenshots of your setup for the 3 steps I outlined above :slight_smile: