Set -ExtensionConfiguration in a Deploy Azure Cloud Service step


I’m currently deploying a Cloud Service using the step “Deploy Azure Cloud Service”, in version 3.4.4

Having recently upgraded from Azure SDK 2.4 to 2.9, I was looking for a way to set the diagnostics file, without having to do it in a separate step via powershell which is slow.

This article mentions at deployment time to set the diagnostics files (.wadcfgx) using the -ExtensionConfiguration param when calling the *-AzureDeployment commands.

The step template however, doesn’t expose the -ExtensionConfiguration param to me.

Have I missed something?
Is this by design and do you know of a work around?


Hi Ralph,

Thanks for getting in touch.

Unfortunately the Cloud Service step template we offer does not expose this parameter. Calamari is open-source and you can view the full list of parameters that Octopus supports when calling the New-AzureDeployment function here.

One workaround (as mentioned in the commands for this DeployAzureCloudService.ps1 file) is to simply copy this script into your deployment package as DeployToAzure.ps1 (and customise as you wish). Octopus will invoke it instead of the default script during a deployment.

Alternatively, as you’ve mentioned, you could write a separate step via PowerShell.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Mark, we thought that might be the case but wanted to ensure we hadn’t missed anything obvious.