Set Authentication mode for admin folder


In octopus, I can setup authentication mode global for application

However, how I can set authentication mode for my admin folder, which is child folder of the root?

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Hi Andreyutka,

Thanks for getting in touch! After enabling the desired authentication option such as Basic as per the documentation you can then use web.config files to set authorization rules for a folder.

You can either specify the rule in the root web.config file or create a web.config file for a particular folder. The following is an example of adding a rules to the root config file.

	<location path="Admin">
				<allow roles="Admin"/>
				<deny users="*"/>

Here the path attribute is used to restrict to scope of the rule to the Admin folder. For more examples, the article Setting authorization rules for a particular page or folder in web.config is a helpful resouce.

For more information about IIS Authentication please refer to the IIS Authentication MSDN article.

Hope that helps!