Service process idea inquiry

Hello, once there was an idea posted somewhere in Octopus Blog, about adding the following functionality to deployment processes. It was called something like Service Processes, or something like this. The idea was that there will be a possibility to attach additional deployment steps to deployment project so that these steps do not become a part of deployment process, but still will be attached to the deployment project, and can be run as a part of the deployment, sharing project settings, variables, etc. Could you please point to the blog post, or documentation, where this idea was documented? I cannot find it.

Hi Dmitry,
Thanks for getting in touch! We have discussed one topic which sounds quite similar to what you’re describing here called Maintenance Processes

It’s possible that’s what you’re referring to. I’m interested to know if this was the article you were remembering.

Kind regards,

Hi @Lawrence_Wilson , yes, thank you! It’s exactly it - “Maintenance processes”. We need it to separate “product specific” deployment steps from “infrastructure specific” deployment steps. Our infrastructure part is changing rapidly due to various reasons, so with this feature (or similar approach) we’ll be able to provide more stable deployment experience, separating product deployment logic from infrastructure. It’s kind of a step toward “self-configuring” infrastructure.

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