ServerTask write lock preventing deployment

I have a nice deployment set up, so nice I haven’t logged into Octopus in months - kudos guys.

Anyway, our deployments stopped happening last week with this error:
Cannot start this task yet because “ServerTasks-24543” (has a write lock) tasks are currently running and this task cannot be run in conjunction with any other tasks. Please wait…

I checked and there are no active deployments across any of our projects. I checked the database and there are no deployments with a TaskId of ServerTasks-24543 and no server tasks with that ID either.

What gives? I rebooted the host and upgraded to the latest version.

Please help - we need to release!

Oh man, I hadn’t waited long enough for Calamari to update on my tentacle (great names btw). Once that happened my ghost task has gone and the deployment worked.

Hi @hamish_blake,

Glad to hear that it’s all under control (and we like the names too :smile:).

Let me know if there is anything else that we can assist with,


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