Server and Tentacle : Installed in users profile

I have installed Octopus Server and TEntacles on machines under my login profile. Now as I have to pass this setup to other team members none of them can access the Server or Tentacle Manager UI. If tried to start/open from programme files then it errors out.

I check during installation no options are provided to install for all users. Is this by design? What is the logic behind this decision?


Hi Sanjay,

Thanks for letting us know, as far as I know we don’t specify that they should be installed to a user profile, and I can’t think of why they wouldn’t be allowed to work for other users. I’ve raise an issue to investigate this.


Yes, this is quite an important one for us as the scenario Sanjay describes applies to our environment as well. We are busy evaluating Octopus Deploy vs some other similar applications.

Hi Sanjay and Heinrich,

This bug is now fixed:

Let me know if you have any trouble.


Many thanks Paul,

Can you point me to a page where we can find instructions to ensure we don’t lose the settings for the server and also tentacles? I’ve seen how to restore the server settings using the backed up DB but not the tentacle.



Hi Heinrich,

For the Tentacle you can just back up the configuration file (usually C:\Octopus\Tentacle by default - all files live here). But when you upgrade or even uninstall/install Tentacle you don’t need to do this, because the MSI installer does not touch these files at all.


Many thanks. That latest version is now working as expected.