Separate projects installing to the same machine

We have multiple projects in Octo and we had a question. When Project 1 is installing to the Test environment, can Project 2 do an install to the same environment on the same machine? The difference being the application.

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Have you tried doing this already? Cause it should work like that by default. The only thing that could possibly limit you would be the Node task limit, which you can configure from Configuration-> Nodes -> Task Cap* . But that is of course if you decide to do lots of simultaneous deployments.

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The issue isn’t with running multiple deployments from on the Octo server. The issue is when we have two deployments running and installing on the same server, at the same time. So, we have a database deployment project that will execute some long running DB scripts, which might take a few days to complete. While waiting for that to complete we have another database project that does a different type of script for us that needs to execute on the same server as the long running script. We get a timeout error from the tentacle saying it timed out because another task is running. So, my question is - Can the tentacle only execute one task at a time, no matter what project is trying to execute it? So, two separate projects executing a step that hits the same box and tentacle at the same time, will they run in parallel or single threaded?


You need to enable this setting in all the projects deploying to that Tentacle:


That should do what we need. Thanks for the help!