Sensitive Values in Step Templates

We have created a few step templates that have sensitive/password values in it. We set default values and in some cases when adding the step it does indeed block out the sensitive value, but in other cases we have noticed it is not doing that. Is this how it should be? I would expect if a field is marked as sensitive it would always block out the value with asterisks.

attached is image on how it works in some instances.

we have also had some cases where if we disable a step that has default values and then re-enable it the default values are removed.

the one fix to get the text box to go back to sensitizing the value is to reset it and then re-enter the value.

one thing that might be nice, is if the value is marked sensitive in the step template, that even in the step template editor it is sensitized.

Hi Corey,
A recent fix in 3.10.0 included a change to properly hide these sensitive values. Could you confirm what version you are currently on? Could you also please send though a few screen shots and reproduction steps for the cases when it isn’t being hidden? The screenshot of it working is good but what would be really useful would be to see when its not working.
Thanks in advance, hopefully we can get to the bottom of this problem quickly for you.

I think I found the issue. Had to go back and reset the default value in the template to fix it.