Sensitive Parameters in Step Templates Not Bindable

We are currently running version of Octopus.
Our issue is that we are unable to bind a sensitive parameter from a step template to a variable if the value of the parameter was initially set manually. Below are the steps to reproduce.

  1. Create a Step Template with a Parameter of type Sensitive/Password
  2. Create a project
  3. Add a Process Step from the new Step Template
  4. Set the value of the sensitive manually to “test”
  5. Save the process
  6. Try to edit the process by binding the parameter to any Octopus Variable
  7. Save the process

For us, this does not result in the sensitive field being updated. If we bind the value before setting initially everything works great.



Thanks for reaching out. I was able to follow you up to step 6, but I’m not sure I’m understanding this one. Could you send us screenshots of what you are exactly doing on step 6?