Send email as a Step template - how to customize recipient team

We can use the same email template for all projects: “#{Octopus.Project.Name} v#{Octopus.Release.Number} successfully deployed to #{Octopus.Environment.Name}” etc

But on every project this email should be sent to a separate team - and I’m not sure how to make Team a parameter?

In the “Select team(s)” dropdown I can only select existing teams; if I create “Team” parameter for the step template and type “#{Team}” in the dropdown, the text disappears on blur and the same “Select team(s)” message shows up.

Hello Andrew,

Thanks for getting in touch. The user interface is a bit confusing in that regard, you can only start to type something that will match a team in the list (which has the teams identifier behind it), which is why it disappears when it can’t find a match. Because the to teams field currently doesn’t support binding it to a variable. If you feel others in the community would benefit from this feature we have UserVoice set up where people can make and vote on suggested features.

There’s a more manual work around, that would require you to mirror and keep up to date an external list of emails matching the members of the teams. Via your email provider if you set up groups/aliases for and then that variable can be populated in the To field as per this screenshot:


Hi Nick – thanks!

I see is that the same suggestion I had?


Hi Andrew,

Yes good find, so there is some desire around it but we haven’t scheduled to work on that yet.

At the start of the year we committed to targeting the UserVoice suggestions that had over 200 votes (there were a few), along with the other planned new features in Octopus.