Selectively deploy multiple projects from TeamCity

Hey all,

I have a TeamCity build that will create packages for several Octopus projects. I have also created a deployment build which will create a release in Octopus and deploy it.

At the moment, I have added a build parameter in TeamCity with the name of the package I want to deploy. This is prompted when I run the build.

I noticed that TC has the ability to allow selecting multiple projects and then the parameter is comma separated (e.g. Project1,Project2)

I was wondering if you could add support for this on your TC plugin.


Hi Georgios,

Thanks for getting in touch!
The crappy news is we do not think it will be possible to create a nice elegant solution to integrate this syntax/feature with Octopus.


That’s too bad, it seemed to be just a foreach loop! :slight_smile:

Hi Georgiosd,
I think you can create simple Build with dependencies of other builds. Consider you have two build named Project1_DeployDev and Project2_DeployDev. Now you can create another build named DeployDev which have following dependencies

Now when you run DeployDev build then it will automatically run other builds. I think in this way you can deploy multiple project with single click.


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