Selective project packages migration


We’re trying to perform project packages migration from our existing Octopus Server (running
version 2020.2.1) to a new one (version 2020.4.6). The new Octopus server was recreated from stretch and we only want to move some project packages to this new location.

We have copied the packages into their space (*Data\Packages\Spaces-1\feeds-builtin*) and the cache (*Data\OctopusServer\PackageCache*) folders on the new Octopus Server. However, when creating a new deployment release, Octopus portal couldn’t locate those packages that were copied.

Really appreciate it for any suggestion.


Please consider this closed.

We have to push a button (on Library > Packages) to re-index the repo so they are in sync.


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Hi Chhai,

Thanks for getting in touch, and I appreciate the update! Great to hear you got it sorted. Please don’t hesitate to reach out anytime in the future with any questions. :slight_smile:

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