Selecting a role is mandatory for a Project step

Hey Guys,

At present it’s mandatory to select at least one Role for most steps in a project process. This creates a problem for steps you want to run for all roles (which is very common).

If you have say 8 or 10 roles it’s painful having to select all 10 roles for a step. If you then add a new role, you have to go through every project and every step and add the additional role. This is time consuming and the chances of missing a step is high (and if you miss a step there’s no way of knowing until something goes wrong)

Is there any way around this issue? If not would it be possible to add an “All Roles” option?

Hi Pnolan,

Thank you for contacting Octopus Deploy support in regards to this query,

I understand your situation and appreciate that having to specify roles each time can be error prone in addition to time intensive.

At this stage, a possible workaround for this scenario would be to create a new role (i.e. “All Roles”) which is scoped to all deployment targets, this role can then be selected to single select all targets.

Please be aware that the workaround aforementioned above is not system managed, you would need to ensure any new deployment targets/projects/variables added would also have to have this new Role applied for example.

I personally believe that this would lead to more errors depending on the complexity of your setup and would not recommend this approach, however, if this is manageable from your perspective than this should work at a high level.

I’ve included a link to our User Voice area, please feel free to also suggest this idea, this is our main avenue when considering new features/enhancements like this based on community support.

If you require any additional information or clarification please let me know :slight_smile:

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Thanks Reece I just added to the User Voice.