Seeing Tentacle.exe take up thousands of ephemeral ports

(John Rose) #1

On many of our deployment machines but not all, we can see that tentacle.exe is taking up about a thousand ephemeral ports when communicating with the main Octopus server. These ports are not getting released. We are concerned that we are going to run out of ephemeral ports if we don’t regularly re-start the tentacle service. We are using version 4.0.5. of tentacle and 2019.6.3 LTS of Octopus.

(Ziaul Islam) #3

Hi John,

Sorry to see you are having this issue.

The current version you are on has a known bug which has been resolved in version 5.0.3.
By simply upgrading your Octopus Tentacle this will resolve this issue for you, I would personally recommend an upgrade to version 5.0.5

I hope this information helps you, any further questions please feel free to reach out.

kind regards,

(John Rose) #4

Thanks! We are planning on updating tomorrow.

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(John Rose) #5

I tried to update all of our tentacles to version 5.0.5 by going to Infrastructure --> Deployment Targets --> Upgrade all Tentacles. However, it just says that all machines are already up-to-date, even though the version is 4.0.5. Do I need to do something to get the “Upgrade all Tentacles” function to update the tentacles to 5.0.5?

(Ziaul Islam) #6

Hi John,

Sorry to see that it did not work for you, by default Octopus server you are on includes Tentacle version 4.0.5.

I will attach a link for you to download “Tentacle.nupkg” - You will need to copy and paste this to your Octopus install directory which is usually C:\Program Files\Octopus Deploy\Octopus

Link for Tentacle Upgrade:

Once you have done that if you go to:

*Infrastructure --> Deployment Target -> Select Target -> Connectivity -> Upgrade To Latest *

It will then allow you to upgrade to Tentacle version 5.0.5.

I would recommend you first test it against your Dev server as a proof of concept it will work, then roll it out to the rest of your Tentacle machines.

I hope this helps you, any further questions please feel free to reach out to me :slight_smile:

Kind regards,

(John Rose) #7

Thanks Ziaul. I will give this a try.

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