See all variables set on a specific machine

Hey, guys,

Is there a way to see the values of all variables set on a specific machine, in Octopus? Maybe is there a way to query the database in order to get them?..
My Octopus server is 3.0.23.


Hi Cori,

Thanks for reaching out. There’s not a straight way to do this querying the database, but it can be done using the Octopus client library. It wrote this powershell script for you that gets all the variables that are scoped to a specific machine and it prints them on a list that looks like the attached screenshot.

The powershell script requires you to have Octoposh installed on your machine: . Octoposh is a Powershell module I wrote to simplify tasks like this one, which uses the Octopus client library in the background.

Let me know how it goes with that script.