Search Button in Create Release - What is it supposed to be doing?

We have build versions that are version based - i.e.,,

If I am creating a release and trying to find say a 3.26 build - - - - in the selection screen there is a box where you can type things into - with a button called Search right next to it.

If I put selection critieria in that box - say I put in 3.26 and hit Search - - expecting to see a list of all the builds starting with 3.26 - - - - that is not what I get - I get a list of ALL the builds - chunked out by max display - it happens to start with 3.28 - so I have to hit “Show More” more times than is helpful.

If I just hit search - thinking that maybe you meant to load the modal and then let me enter my search criteria within the modal - - - that is not possible either.

If I get the EXACT and full name of the build vs. assuming I can do a “starts with” search - I get the exact same modal loaded up with every build.

Since no matter what I put in the box next to search makes a difference to what I see when the modal opens up, and when the modal opens up after I hit search I cannot enter any search criteria, what is that Search button supposed to be doing???

Second question - can we actually get a working search?

Before we upgraded - when the modal opened, the ENTIRE list showed so you could do a browser search and find the section you were after - which, while not particularly helpful, was a viable work around because you could search the whole list without having to hit “Show More” repeatedly. Below is a screeen shot showing the SEARCH button I am referring to.


Hi Michelle,

Thanks for getting in touch and sorry for the delayed response.

We agree with you. This is confusing UX. This action button (currently called “Search”) is simply listing all the versions of the given package in a dialog, allowing you to select a different version.

The “Enter a version” textfield allows you to enter a specific version, without going through the “Search” dialog. Very confusing.

We’ll investigate some options here. But at a minimum we’ll rename the action button to “Versions” (since the dialog is presenting you with the package versions that are available).

Regarding your second question, we’ll see if we can support search ootb for both the built-in package repository and external feeds. Worst case, we can provide a “Show all” action on this dialog so you can then use a browser search.

We have created a GitHub issue here that you can track to be notified when a fix is available.