Scroll bar bounces back

I’m having a scroll bar problem with 3.4.7. If I select a Project and go to Overview, I see a grid of Environments and Releases. When I scroll right to see all of the Environments, the scroll bar bounces back to the left. I have to click the scroll bar and drag it to the right over and over again because it won’t stay there.

I’m guessing that whenever the content on the page refreshes the scroll bar gets re-positioned to the left. This makes sense if an Environment was added (or renamed), because the scroll bar would need to be repositioned. If the Environments aren’t changing though then the scroll bar should stay where it is.

I’m using Chrome 48.


Thanks for reaching out. I’ve opened a github issue to get this fixed:

Thanks for the heads up!

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I am experiencing the same issue. It is really frustrating.

Is there any indicator on time when this might be fixed?

Happens on Chrome, IE and firefox.

Hi Chris - Still no timeline for this one. but I’ve added a note on the github issue about your comment to increase awarenes of how many users are being impacted by this UI issue.

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I have to say this is a very annoying bug. We have lots of environments setup and it’s impossible to see lots of them without setting the zoom to almost unreadable levels.
I really think this needs to be prioritized higher.

FYI everyone - We pushed a PR to fix this which will be available in 3.5.3 when we release it sometime this week or early next.

Looking forward to hear your feedback on this thread once you test that version :slight_smile: