Script modules for bash

I saw this question was raised in 2015 here. Though the suggestion was to use the Run a Script, this in not feasible when there is a need for reusable functions.

Though such functions/scripts can be included via a Reference Package in a Step Template, the issue then is that for every Process using such Step Templates, a Release needs to Reference Package version as input (this causes complications when, e.g., a Release needs to be dynamically created via API call and then Reference Package version also becomes mandatory input).

If bash scripts containing functions (basically library-type scripts) are supported as Script Modules, then the above issues can be largely mitigated without having to copy/paste functions everywhere (making updates/changes painful) or having to deal with Reference Package related complications.


Thanks for getting in touch. There has been some customers asking for C# support in Script Modules see here on our UserVoice.

Feel free to add your desire for Bash support on that suggestion, but there’s currently no upcoming plans to support extending script modules.


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