Script Console behaviour is broken post upgrade to Octopus 3.2.24 - URGENT

In Octopus 2.6 I am able to use the script console to run a script on all the machines on all the environments.
Even if one machine is offline, or if the script fails - the task will still run on all the machines.

In 3.2.4 this behaviour is broken after 1 or 2 failures the task stops.

I was relying on the ability to use the script console after we migrate and use Hydra - since we have a lot of tentacles and Hydra either failed on many as well as doesn’t configure the tentacles properly - see my need in my comments of this discussion:

At the moment we have upgraded but a LOT of our tentacles (~400) are either not configured properly or still communicating with the old server due to Hydra and a lot of manual work needs to take place.
having the ability to use the script console on all the machines in all the environments can save us a lot of the unnecessary pain


Hi Nir,

Can you send the task log? That shouldn’t be the case? Are you able to limit how many you are running either by environment or role?


Hi Vanessa

Attached are the logs I am getting when running the same simple task on the old and new servers (task2 is the old one)
Also have a look at the screenshots:

  1.   On the old server – even though it fails on all of the nodes – it tries all of them:


  1.   Whereas on the new one it doesn’t get to run on the last 2:


I did notice a new option under configuration->nodes called “Task Cap” which was configured as 5 I changed it to 10 thinking it might do the difference.
I think it now runs on more nodes that it used to, but still not all of them as it used to be on Octopus 2.6


tasklog2.txt (4 KB)

tasklog.txt (4 KB)

Hi Nir,

We are completely out of ideas. We cannot replicate this, there is no timeout on the script console, the action isn’t cancelled and we can have more than 4 tentacles fail using the script console and the rest continue.
You are also raising a lot of support tickets with what we are seeing as text information. We also cannot break the script console to not show the correct pagination.

Could you schedule a call with us and we will try to figure out what is going on with your specific data and why it is causing so many issues that we haven’t seen elsewhere:


Hi Vanessa,
Thanks for all your answers so far
I’ve opened a lot of support tickets recently because this upgrade has been very very painful, and unfortunately we encountered a lot of issues.
I also thought it might be useful information to share with both other users as well as with your support and dev staff.

I was able to unblock all of our critical issues (mostly by remote login and configuration of tentacles following the upgrade), so it looks like things are starting to stabilize.
There is no longer need for a call - I promise to not open more support tickets :slight_smile:


Hi Nir,

You can totally open up more support tickets, I wasn’t trying to imply anything.
I know this has been terrible for you, we just aren’t sure why - hydra was tested on multiple instance Tentacles.

We do still have the issue of the script modules as we were not able to replicate it. And if you do encounter more issues - of course open more support tickets!