Scoping variables by Tenant and Environment when using Cloud regions

Hi there,

I’ve currently got a process setup where I have scoped my azure webapp names using Cloud regions. This works perfectly when there are no tenants as I can just scope the webapp names by Environment however, I’ve got multiple regions that have multiple tenants.

Current state:
In Australia East -> variable = myeastwebapp
In Australia South East -> variable = mysouthwebapp

Required state:
In Australia East -> Tenant 1 -> variable = stevewebapp
In Australia South East -> Tenant 1 -> variable = stevesoutheastwebapp
In Australia East -> Tenant 2 -> variable = lukewebapp
In Australia South East -> Tenant 2 -> variable = lukesoutheastwebapp

From playing around with Octopus the best solution I can see so far is to use the variable array syntax and have a common variable template that contains a common tenant ID. This will at least ensure that the tenant must have an ID and also allow for the scoping I require.

Is it possible to scope a variable to both a tenant and also the region without using the solution above?

Thanks in advance

Can’t seem to add screenshot as an edit - this screenshot is how I’ve set it up with the variable syntax.

Hi Luke,

Thanks for getting in touch! I believe the solution you’ve mentioned would be the only way to do this. I had a bit of a play around to see if I could come to any other solution, but had no luck. The example you provided seems to follow the same convention as we recommend doing, and we have a couple of resources written up which may provide some more insight into this approach. :slight_smile:

I hope this helps! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions going forward.

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