Scoping a Team to specific projects blocks certain permissions for an assigned role


I’ve had to set up another team on our Octopus server and we want to keep their work separate from my teams work and vice versa. I’ve set them up with as many permissions as I can without making them super admins and then scoped their team to their specific projects however, scoping the team to their specific projects blocks some of the functionality provided by the permissions I have set such as being able to create a new project.
I think the permissions and roles system is overdue for an overhaul and we need more flexibility with assigning roles and permissions for Octopus servers with multiple teams.


Thanks for getting in touch! I completely agree that this is a problem and a gap in our permissions. We do have active UserVoice suggestions around this problem. We will hopefully be looking for a solution where you will be able to scope teams to project groups and environment groups which will allow project creators or environment creators the ability to see what they have just created.

Unfortunately it does not help you right now and we have now work around. We are hoping that we can sneak this in after 3.4

Below is the UV suggestion, please feel free to add your vote and comment, it can only help our cause.