Scheduled Triggered deployment missing feature

The new scheduled triggered deployment is a very nice feature, was looking forward for a very long time.
Now its here, I cant use it.
We have multiple build environments, all in the first phase.
When a release is created, we choose to what build environment we want to deploy the release. So multiple releases on multiple channels can be deployed at the same time. (our deployment takes arround 1 hour)
So if we want to promote something from the build phase to the next phase, we dont know on what environment the latest version is deployed.
Maybe it could be handy to promote from a phase to and environment

Hi Geert,

Thanks for getting in touch and thank you for your suggestion.

I’ve raised this GitHub issue that you can follow for updates on its progress and also join in on the conversation with any further details that could help us to implement this feature.

Thank you and best regards,

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