Scheduled trigger does not allow to mix source and destination environments when declared as optional and required

I am trying to create a new scheduled trigger where I deploy the latest QA release to an automated test environment.
This test environment is declared as an optional environment, where the QA Team is not required to deploy there all the time. The QA environment is set as required in the phase of the default project channel.
When I select, in the trigger, as destination environment the automated test environment, I am unable to select the QA environment as source environment.

The docs at do not list such a limitation.
The currently used version is v2019.13.7

I hope someone may know a solution to this problem :slight_smile:
Greets, Greg

Hi Gregor,

Thanks for getting in touch!

I believe the limitation that you are running into is linked to the phase order rather than whether the phase is option or not.
When creating a scheduled trigger the release can only roll forward to a later phase, not backwards. If you amend your lifecycle so that the optional test environment phase appears after the QA environment phase, you should then be able to create the trigger you desire.

I hope this helps, please let me know if you have any further questions.

Best regards,

Hi Paul,
Thanks a lot, this helped me to achieve my goal.
I also notices that I can only select as source where target is in the lifecycle phase before it.
So source = target lifecycle phase -1
All previous lifecycle phases can’t be selected. This is another limitation that is not documented, but at least good to know.

Greets, Greg

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