Schedule step on specific target and not enviroment


we have a web-application which is running at 2 servers (WEB A & WEB B). Currently we have the problem that we need to stop the entire IIS when we are deploying with octopus.
Our process is like that:

  1. stop iis (definded for role web-server)
  2. upload package with variables replacement
  3. start iis

Is it possible to define a process without downtime? for example run first for WEB-A the whole process & then for WEB-B … Currently the problem is my deployment target (WEB-A) is restricted to the target role web-server.

Thanks & kind regards

Hi @BlindRob!

Thanks for getting in touch, this is definitely something that Octopus can do! For completing a full deployment to each machine before moving on to the next, we offer Rolling deployments, which will reduce your downtime in loadbalanced environments!

This appears like it will solve your issues, but if not, please don’t hesitate to let me know!

But this requires that I can connect to the loadbalancer and change the current state or am i wrong?
Currently I changed my Process to “Configure a rolling deployment --> Windows Size 1” does this mean it will first upgrade WEB-A and then WEB-B

Well, this is just a common scenario for using a rolling deployment, you don’t necessarily need to interact with the load balancer if you do not need to, but using this method will allow the fully deployment chain to occur on each machine before moving on to the next.

A window size of 1 will mean that it will upgrade WEB-A completely (with the configured child steps), and then move on to WEB-B, yes!

Happy deployments!

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