Same Package With Different Config file

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Is there anyway we can deploy same package to multiple servers in an environment, with different config files for each server?

For example I have UAT environment with two App servers server1 and server2, I wanted to deploy same package to these two servers, but with different config file app setting or connection string values?

similarly I wanted to deploy same package to same server in different folders with different config files, for example in UAT I wanted to deploy same package to two different folders lets say D:\Apps\AppCopy1 and D:\Apps\AppCopy2, but with different config file app settings.


Hi Anoop,

Thanks for getting in touch! This can be achieved by using Variable Scoping. You are able to configure variables in Octopus which are evaluated during the deployment based on how the variable was scoped.

For example, you can create a variable called: ConnectionStrings then assign it multiple values. Each value can be assigned to the scope of the server which needs that value.

Any parameter in your deployment which needs to change between targets/environments can be dynamically configured this way. For your scenario, you can scope the variable to a Target Role or directly to the target server.

Let me know if you have any further questions here. :slight_smile:

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