Running Test Automation with Robot Fraemwork

Hi Team,

I want to run automated UI testing after deployment is completed. The test automation script is created using Python and uses robot framework to run it. I am able to run the test with headless browser on the target machine using robot -L trace RealEstate.robot command. However, I put the same command in a script step in Octopus but failed to run. got “The remote script failed with exit code 1”. I can send the row log in secure email when required.


Hi @endashaw.adane,

Yes please, the raw logs would be very helpful to get this underway. You can securely upload them, using this link.

I would say you should also make sure that the right permissions have been set. Octopus would be attempting to run the script as the user that is running the Octopus Service.

Please let me know once you upload the log files.


Hi @dane.falvo

I’ll look into the permission issue. I’ve uploaded the file.



Hi Endashaw,

Thanks for the log. There’s not much in there to look at other than the exit code error, unfortunately.

However, one thing you can look at is the user you’re running it as locally vs the machine’s user running the script step. The machine running the script step is running as SYSTEM. We could approach this one of two ways, you could attempt to run it locally as SYSTEM and see if it succeeds (or gives us a more useful error), or ensure that SYSTEM and the user running the script locally both have the exact same environment variables, permissions, etc.

Please let me know if that helps.


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