Running smoke tests after deploy

Is there a any story around running smoke tests (integration tests) after deployment, and having that reflected somehow in the Octopus UI? Maybe running nunit.exe or something from the PostDeploy.ps1?

Hi Rob,

It’s a feature I’m planning to support soon. For now, you could manually invoke Nunit.exe from PostDeploy using a special-purpose package, and then echo the NUnit results to the PowerShell script output.

Going forward I imagine you’ll be able to ‘attach’ the NUnit results to a deployment and visualise a summary of the test run in the UI on the release/deployment details pages.


We use mstest.exe to execute our selenium ui tests as the last part of deploy.ps1, we then fail the deployment if the tests fail. Finaly we hoover up the log file so you can see what went wrong in the octopus ui.

May I ask, but isn’t that beyond the scope of octopus? Building and testing would probably be in the remit of a CI system whereas octopus is for deployment no?

Or have I misunderstood the remit of the app?




Build and test are generally best handled by the CI tool, yes. But some tests (smoke tests, automated UI tests) might be better handled by Octopus. Currently we don’t do much to support this (Matt’s example is the only way to do it at the moment) but it’s something we plan to improve support for in future.


Any progress on launching tests, consuming results?


Hi Gavin,

We’re planning to add this in Octopus 2.0. If you’d like to share more about how you’d like the feature to work, please share on this thread and we’ll make sure to consider it.


Since the last response was in July and was hopefully going to be available in 2.0, and anything else related was closed (or still listed as an idea to vote on)
and here:

and this:

In the second link it mentions Octopus attaching test results as a step as an artifact. That sounded like it might be automatic, but no further discussion I’ve seen indicates that happened. Also I know that specifically one of the things our development team would want is the ability to see it trend over time (which would be problematic if it’s attached to an artifact to a particular release.)

Hi - you can attach results to a deployment with the New-OctopusArtifact PowerShell command like so:

New-OctopusArtifact .\TestResults.xml

Including the machine name in the filename is currently the only visible way to track the origin of each result file - we’d like to improve this in the future.

Has there been any progress in this area?

It would be really useful for us.

Hi Brian,

Your question seems very related to what you asked on this other thread. I’m gonna close this 3-year-old thread and lets continue our conversation on that other ticket, ok?



I’m not Brian, but if I click on that other link I can’t see it.

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Lets keep this thread closed and if anyone has any questions about a related subject, they can just create a new one with fresh info.