Running Powershell script as Admin

We have a step that deploys our Oracle database migrations via a custom console app. This all works fine on a Win2008 server, however on a Win7 environment it fails. We believe this is due to permissions because we can manually run the command via the cmd window as Admin, however if you start a cmd window without runas admin it fails in the same way as the Octopus deploy.

Q. How do you run the powershell command to run with elevated privileges?

The Tentacle is running as Local System both on the server and Win7.

Hi Scott,

Thanks for getting in touch! Tentacle by default runs as local system and runs with elevated privileges. So in this case it sounds like the local system user could be locked down. You can however change the user that Tentacle is running under:

A good way to test if something is going to run on a Tentacle with the Octopus permissions is using the script console. Its easier than running a full deployment.

Hope this helps!