Running ACL using the Set Umbraco Folder Permissions step template can't set folder to build folder

Using this step template, I want to be able to supply the build folder as the folder location in the template. I can’t figure out if I need to create an output parameter from the build IIS website step, in order to have this available for the folder permissions step, or if there is a built in variable I can use in place of a specific folder location.


Thanks for reaching out. A great way to learn which variables are available is to enable these debugging variables in your project,then create a new release (so the debug variables take effect) and check then check the raw log. That way you’ll be able to see all the variables available during each step and their values.

If you can’t find the variable you need after doing that, please:

  • Tell us what you mean by “build folder”

  • Then send us that Raw log and tell us from which step you want to get this value.



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