Hi Team,
I am planning to use Runbooks for adhoc database updates.

I have created the Process steps which involves a mandatory Approval step, only after approval the database updates happen.

My requirement:
I want an option to run the database update step at a later time or day. Approval can be done prior but database update step should be executed only at a defined time or day.

Is this possible and do we have a sample template for this use case?

Any pointers on this would be useful.


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Hi @nihoindian !

Thanks for reaching out and for the great question. Sadly, currently this functionality doesn’t readily exist as a baked-in part of the product, whereby you’d have immediate approval, and then having the task kick off at a later time. That’s not to say it’s not possible, but it will require a bit of configuration:

The easiest way would be to use our step template, that our Advisory team just released last week - this is a great way to schedule tasks, and handle manual interventions/approvals in a pass-through manner. We have for runbooks as well, which is mostly the same, but does not have the same feature set (but our Advisory team is working on updates to bring them up to feature parity ASAP.)

The basic workflow is as follows:

  • Two runbooks/deployment project, a controller runbook that would handle the timing/approval side, and then another runbook/deployment process that would execute the task.

  • After the manual intervention step, have it schedule the deployment of the second project/runbook to handle the actual task. If you’re not using the above step, you can use the API to perform the deployment at the scheduled time by using the QueueTime field in the deployment resource.

I hope this helps, and please let me know if you have any further questions.

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Hi Justin,
Thanks for the detailed feedback. I will look into your recommendations and give them a try.


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