Runbooks Draft Variables for user without edit runbook permission

I have a use case that I want the published runbook to use the latest variables that are in the project. Is this possible? The users don’t have access to run draft version. I want them to be able to update a project variable for the runbook to use, but not have access to edit the run book.

Hi @rtham,
Thanks for reaching out.

It seems like this will probably not work as a Runbook is a static snapshot and any changes including variable changes won’t be reflected until the Runbook is updated. Without edit access that won’t be possible.

If the updates are small in number you could have one Runbook per update but this is not an elegant solution and won’t scale easily.

Let me know if this answers your query.

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Thanks Paraic. Maybe a way in the future release? So, it doesn’t have to be a custom cli request to fetch the current variable from the project.

I guess that would work, but not as clean as some override variable within OD to maybe control which step should bypass the snapshot variables.



Hi Rick,
That seems like a good feature request and potentially not too difficult to implement.

If you want to put an entry into user voice at we do take the requests in there on board at feature development time. And you can hopefully rope in a few votes to move it up to the rankings.

Let us know if you need anything else.

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