Run self-host server without internet

Hello, I just started, quite new with Octopus. I installed self-hosted server on Windows 2016 server. the localhost site not display, only show “Loading, please wait…”. Checking the logs, it seems need access for extension metadata.

Our org has quite tight restrictions on internet access. So my questions is whether any way to configure it running isolate without internet access? and how to do that. Thanks in advance for any help!


Hi @jhu,

Welcome to the Octopus forums!

You should have no issue running Octopus Server without internet, however, depending on the version of Octopus you’re running, IE is no longer supported and thats the behavior you will see (a never ending Loading image). If you are using IE, are you able to test with Firefox or Chrome? If you’re already using one of these please let me know.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.


Hi Jeremy,

Thank you for your help!

Our security policy usually not allow install additional browser on server. So I use Chrome in my own desktop and access deploy web portal ok. I completed first trail setup on tentacle servers and build server, load a simple web package to repository ok. After completed all configuration step and started first release, however, it failed with error -
C:\Octopus\Work\20200713011511-22\Bootstrap.ps1 : Extraction of Calamari.netfx.12.1.1.nupkg failed At line:1 char:37

My questions are

  • Do I have to run the deploy process on Octopus server using localhost in browser? Or remote from my desktop is ok?
  • on octopus server, I don’t see the directory C:\Octopus\Work\ exist at all. Why the process trying to locate ps1 file in that folder? what the error really mean? or what’s the actual cause of my first test release failed?

I am really new on the Octopus. Please forgive my ignorance. And thanks again for your help!


Hi @jhu!

I’m just jumping in for Jeremy here, as he’s out of the office today.

Are you able to send through a tasklog or a screenshot of the full error you’re seeing with extracting the Calamari package? The raw task log should generally give you some indication as to what went wrong.

In regard to your questions:

  • You should be fine to run the deployment process from anywhere that you can access the Octopus server’s web UI.
  • The work folder is cleaned up at the end of each deployment, which is why it is not there when you went looking for it. It’s just a transient folder. If needed you can

I hope this helps, and please let me know if you have any further questions!

Hi Justin,

Thank you so much for jumping on this. Here is the screenshot on the error, and also attached task log.

Thank you for your help!


ServerTasks-1289.log.txt (95.1 KB)

No problems @jhu!

From the looks of things, this is very likely stemming from an old version of the Tentacle agent being installed on the target machine here. From the logs, I can see that Tentacle 3.0.26 is installed, which is quite a bit older than the latest version (5.0.14) - If you would like to try downloading the latest installer from and then trying again.

Please let me know how this goes for you, and if you have any further questions.

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Hi Justin,

Thank you so much for your help!

I installed latest tentacle and looks was able to move forward a little bit, I saw deploy able to send package to target server, but still failed. From the error message, I am not sure which script failed and why. Here is the screenshot and log attached.

Besides, I saw the deploy put the destination app at C:\Octopus\Applications[]( DEV\TestWeb\1.0.0. Is there anyway to change it to c:\inetpub\wwwroot?

Thank you!

ServerTasks-1373.log.txt (19.5 KB)

Hi John,

That error might be misleading. Can you check IIS to see if you have more than one website trying to use the port specified in your deployment?

As far as the destination of the files, you CAN change it using “configure features” and enabling custom install directory within the step, however, by using a Custom Installation Directory, you may experience downtime during a deployment because it’s altering files while running. In cases where you first purge the folder, the application will fail until the deployment is complete. If you use the default method, the new files are placed into a new folder, then IIS is simply switched to the new folder, minimizing downtime.

Please let me know if that is helpful.


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