Rolling Deployment for multiple Webservers


I have configured a rolling deployment with a windows size of 1. I want to deploy first my Web-A then my Web-B.

My current solution:
1.1 Stop Apppool
1.2 Deploy
1.3 Start Apppool
1.4. manuel interventation to confirm the other web server deployment

This works currently fine because I selected window size 1 in my 1. PARENT STEP, the only downside.

  1. Problem: I can not cleary say first WEB-B then WEB-A .
  2. Problem: I have to make the confirmation 2 times … This 1 time too much as because I only need 1 interventation when deployed 2 webclients :slight_smile: On the end of the WEB-B deployment I also have to accept the step …

Someone here have an idea?

Kind Regards

Greetings Alex! Unfortunately, there is not a way to specify an order to the machines in a rolling deployment. For the manual intervention step, those do have an output variable as to whether they were approved or not (Octopus.Action[Step Name].Output.Manual.Approved) which could be used in a run condition. However, run conditions are applied at the parent level for rolling deployments.


Hello Shawn,

ah found that condition option … But as you already mentioned in my Parent Step it is useless. Any other workaround idea for this issue?

Kind Regards

I have spoken about this with my team, we were unable to come up with another solution while keeping the manual intervention within the rolling deployment.

Ok thank you!

Sorry we weren’t able to assist. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions.