Rolling Deployment for multiple Webservers

(Alex) #1


I have configured a rolling deployment with a windows size of 1. I want to deploy first my Web-A then my Web-B.

My current solution:
1.1 Stop Apppool
1.2 Deploy
1.3 Start Apppool
1.4. manuel interventation to confirm the other web server deployment

This works currently fine because I selected window size 1 in my 1. PARENT STEP, the only downside.

  1. Problem: I can not cleary say first WEB-B then WEB-A .
  2. Problem: I have to make the confirmation 2 times … This 1 time too much as because I only need 1 interventation when deployed 2 webclients :slight_smile: On the end of the WEB-B deployment I also have to accept the step …

Someone here have an idea?

Kind Regards

(Shawn Sesna) #3

Greetings Alex! Unfortunately, there is not a way to specify an order to the machines in a rolling deployment. For the manual intervention step, those do have an output variable as to whether they were approved or not (Octopus.Action[Step Name].Output.Manual.Approved) which could be used in a run condition. However, run conditions are applied at the parent level for rolling deployments.


(Alex) #4

Hello Shawn,

ah found that condition option … But as you already mentioned in my Parent Step it is useless. Any other workaround idea for this issue?

Kind Regards

(Shawn Sesna) #5

I have spoken about this with my team, we were unable to come up with another solution while keeping the manual intervention within the rolling deployment.

(Alex) #6

Ok thank you!

(Shawn Sesna) #7

Sorry we weren’t able to assist. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions.