Rolling Deployment does not work

I have configured target with 2 nodes in the deploy section i have selected rolling deployment having a value of 1
but when i execute it deploys on both the nodes at the same time instead of one node at a time
Attached is the log for all the steps in the project
Please assist…
ServerTasks-84776.log.txt (73.2 KB)

Hi Jayraj,

Thanks for your patience with this ticket, and thanks for getting in touch!

I’ve had a look at the logs you provided and as far as I can tell everything is happening as I would expect, with each machine processing immediately after the machine preceding it. I’ve extracted some of the start and finish times showing this occurring, and I’ve gone through the log end to end to ensure that this is true for all steps (with one exception noted below):

05:24:49   Verbose  |       Executing App pool Account (type Run a Script) on WIN-LVEMTBIFOQA
05:24:52   Verbose  |       Successfully finished App pool Account on WIN-LVEMTBIFOQA

05:24:52   Verbose  |       Executing IIS DEFAULT STOP (type Run a Script) on WIN-586NTQ9QRSJ
05:24:57   Verbose  |       Successfully finished IIS DEFAULT STOP on WIN-586NTQ9QRSJ

05:24:57   Verbose  |       Executing IIS DEFAULT STOP (type Run a Script) on WIN-LVEMTBIFOQA
05:25:00   Verbose  |       Successfully finished IIS DEFAULT STOP on WIN-LVEMTBIFOQA

I know I mentioned all steps above, however there is one exception, uploading packages. This is done in parallel across all targets, and in your case as the package is already in the cache is completed in around a second.

Please let me know if you have any follow up questions,


Thank you for your time and reply but is there a way where there are 4 targets in one project job and each target gets executed one after another i mean completion if one target and starting of the next
When we tried i saw 2 targets getting deployed at the same time
Am i missing any step

Hi Jayraj,

I think I understand what you are looking for. The way your project is currently configured it is performing a rolling deployment per step, and what you are looking for is a rolling deployment for the entire project.

For that you will need to use child steps, as outlined in our rolling deployment documentation. This will group the steps together and run them sequentially on deployment targets. I’ve attached a log of a deployment process (shown below) that shows this concept in action.

If you have any questions please let me know!


ServerTasks-14069.log.txt (37.9 KB)

Awesome, thank you for your time and support Alex…
now it works perfect

No problems, happy to help!

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