Rolling Deployment deploys multiple times to the same machines

Hi team,

I’ve run into a what I believe is an issue I haven’t been able to find in

When a parent project has specific machines included within a rolling deploy when you create the deployment… the subproject deploys steps will deploy to ALL targeted machines (not just the for the machine that step is meant to be targeting).

Here is an example:


Targeted machines

Deployment of parent project

Child deploys deploy multiple times


We have confirmed EXCLUDE works as expected (child only deploys to targeted machine)

Hi Apolune,

Thanks for the detailed description of the error. I’m going to attempt to reproduce that issue on our end and if I can reproduce it, I will raise an issue for our engineers to look at.



Hi Apolune,

I am attempting to recreate this issue, however, I’ve either not understood the issue completely, or it’s something that has been rectified within a later version of Octopus.

What version of Octopus Deploy are you using?

I have “Project A” with two child steps - as per your image. 1.1 is a simple script while 1.2 deploys a release of “Project B”.

The Project B release that gets deployed from step 1.2 is set-up as a rolling deployment. It is targeted to the same roles as the parent project. Let’s call it “Role-A”. Project B is a two simple powershell scripts.

If I deploy “Project A”, however only target one specific eligible target from “Role-A”, (lets call it “Machine-A”), I see Project-B only deploy to Machine-A as well.

Does this setup sound correct? Please correct me If I have misunderstood something.

If you are on the latest version of Octopus (or Octopus Cloud) and are still experiencing the issue, could you please send through your latest log files for the deployments you mentioned - (just click on the download button to the right of the “Task Logs”)

Thank you



Hi Apolune,

How did you go with this issue?



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